What is the Employee Retention Credit?

Content EY teams have helped hundreds of employers across many sectors capture the ERC Contact the EY ERC Calculator team Can churches and other religious organizations qualify for ERC? Step 5: Claim Your Employee Retention Tax Credit But if you employed one employee, then you may qualify for the ERTC on wages paid to that […]

What Is a Multi-Step Income Statement?

Content What is a Multi-Step Income Statement? Step 5. Calculate gross profit/gross margin Income From Continuing Operations AccountingTools Operating Expenses Section These statements don’t have a high level of detail and are useful when making an assessment that depends on profits or net income. The major sections of a multi-step income statement are the revenue, […]

Nonprofit Bookkeeping Requirements You NEED to Know

Content Join over 140,000 fellow entrepreneurs who receive expert advice for their small business finances Income Level The Set Up Elect a Treasurer or Financial Officer Services Educate yourself on How In-Kind Donations Work Equipping yourself with the best software and people can make a world of difference for your organization. When you set up […]

All About Purchase Requisition in SAP ECC

Content Path to Create Purchase requisition Maintain Purchase Order in SAP Create SAP Purchase Order with unknown Vendor SAP Online Requisitioning Training for a Team Notice that the Items grid section is now empty. We can continue to enter another item into this grid section, so that a pattern will be created in the Transaction […]

How to calculate total equity

Content Total Equity on a Balance Sheet What does a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.5 mean? Debt/equity ratio: types of debt Types of Private Equity Financing How Do You Calculate the Equity to Asset Ratio? How to Use Total Equity What Are Some Other Terms Used to Describe Equity? At some point, the amount of accumulated […]

How To Start A Bookkeeping Business

Content Ready to tackle your small business insurance? We’re here to help. Recommended Books to Read Before You Start Start a Blog Tax Saving Features of Corporations, S Corporations, and LLCs How do I start a bookkeeping business with no experience? How to Start a Payroll Company Bookkeeping work and accounting work consist of repetitive […]

Federal Spending

Content Government Borrowings Budget Surplus Government budget The Fiscal Challenge Explore State Revenue Internal Revenue Service (Federal) Finally, a strong fiscal position, like a budget surplus, can be the result of sustained economic growth. If the government is forced to increase taxation and decrease public expenditure to achieve a budget surplus, low levels of economic […]

Federal Insurance Contributions Act FICA

Content What is FICA on my paystub? Employees of some state governments and local governments See this term in action Is Social Security the Same as FICA? Search for another term Federal Insurance Contributions Act Such a salesman ordinarily uses the office space provided by the company or its general agent, and stenographic assistance, telephone […]


Scrap is the excess unusable material remaining after a product has been manufactured. Direct materials are those materials and supplies that are consumed during the manufacture of a product, and which are directly identified with that product. Items designated as direct materials are usually listed in the bill of materials file for a product. The […]